Why Do I Blog

I blog mainly for myself. That is the core and the main. I write things relate with myself, and sometimes about people around me. The thing is that I blog so that I can read what I had wrote later. Maybe some people will say it is an online diary. Whatever they call, this is what I do. I am glad to read comments from others as they help me in strugling and doing the best in my life. I love typing, as well as I love blogging. Maybe some also notice that I wrote a lot of my problems here. Well, what else can I say. This is my blog and if you feel that you are not comfortable in it, you are most welcomed to go. Just hit Alt+F4.

This blog will never become tedios to me. And I suppose to write whatever I have in my mind, nothing is illicit in this world unless it is clearly stated. If you feel offended of what I wrote, I am very sorry. My blog recorded almost everything, ups and downs in my life. Happy and sad things rolled and saved here. I am happy to have this blog although it can never ever being able to communicate with me. Regardless of what other will say. Why should I deprive myself of something satisfies me. Ha ha ha. The most unchangeable truth is : I love my Blog !!


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