Thursday, February 27, 2014

What is your MBTI

Salam, hi!
Hope everyone is doing fine yaaa. As for me, the internship has been started since earlier this month and will end like approximate 6 months from now. Nothing to be worried of, my boss and his colleagues are all kind-hearted and sporting! We already got four days off for this months. Looking forward for more holidays lol. No lah, because it is a small and more to family company, so no punch card, and someone needs to stay with us the interns along the day. So when no one can take care of us, we got days off but yeah still we need to do the work from home.

In this post I just wanna share with all of you about this personality test. It is called MBTI, stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. I have done a lot of personality tests but I guess this is the almost accurate one. Well, during my first day at the internship company, they already asked us the interns to do this personality test so that it will be easier for them to understand us I guess. And while googling with my mate today, we found a very interesting diagram, and the cuteee one!

And suprisingly, I did the same test few years back (forgot already) and the result was contrary with the latest one. And so kak Mimi (one of the boss' colleagues) said, it can change. As people can change! Hehehehe. I previously was an extrovert, and today I changed into introvert. Honestly, the plan worked. I did plan to change. Dont wanna to expose myself too much, dont wanna talk much and yada yada. I guess the environment helps me a lot. With most of my close friends are not beside me, this is me today. Hope to maintain the spirit I have now to the maximum as possible, with Allah's willing inshaAllah. Anyway, get to know yourself by doing the test at this website

There are many versions of the result, and I found out this one is cool too hihi


And of course, I proudly announce to the world (since this blog is accessible by everyone in this world) that

Okay! Till then, take care everyone, physically and spiritually. The self we have today is an amanah from Allah. By hook or by crook, we need to take care of it. All the best! and pray for me too, and of course for Muslims all over the world. Salaam =)


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