Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happiness, Fun and Pleasure by Nouman Ali Khan

You desire it so much and in no time it becomes worthless to you.
Allah Azzawajalla tells us that all the things that we want so badly, we'll start losing interest in them.
And the eternal punishment in Jahannamthats the one that you won't get used to.
The punishment of Jahannam is not something that anyone will get used to.
The desire of this world, and even the pain in this world, you can get used to.
But that desire, that pain (in Jahannam) you will not get used to.
And forgiveness from Allah, that is permanent.
And incredible contentment, you will be finally satisfied, you will not look for next thing ;
You will be at that contentment, you re gonna be at peace, in Jannah
You re not gonna be at peace here (dunya) where we'll be always looking for the next.
What is a worldly life, in amounts of nothing, but means by which people get deceived.
People think that they will find happiness but they don't.
May Allah Azzawajalla help us recognize what true happiness is, what it really means.
May He help us materialize the true happiness thru real faith in him and thru real expectation from Allah Azzawajall.

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