Sunday, December 22, 2013

Boys and Girls

"Now You know why Allah says don't do it. Coz it hurts.
There are consequences of this in the Akhirah but emotionally, people get scarred.
And we get really messed up."

"You have to unfriend all of those girls.
Yup, you do. You're listening? You have to unfriend them.
And don't call them back, and don't text them back.
And when they said : what happened, you don't like me anymore;
You don't even say : no no no no it's not, it's Islam.
Don't even talk back.
Just leave it.
Drop it.
End of Story."

"Only Allah knows your mistakes, I don't want to know, and you shouldn't tell people.
It's between you and Allah."

Me : If you listen to his words, you might know my feeling, and feel the same as me. The feeling that can't be described. I think the scar that I got has made who I am today, heartless and thoughtless Sumaiyah.  May Allah forgive us all. Ameen Ya Robb.

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