Thursday, March 21, 2013

Proposal from a Woman

Is it embarrassing for a woman to propose to a man?

Hmm. What a very hard question to answer. I once asked this question to myself, and I managed to ask my friend too hihi. Well, he answered, why not, if he’s a good man. If good men are not grabbed, then what will be left for you are the bad men. His answer made sense. He added that Khadijah was the one who proposed to Rasulullah, of course using the middle man. Thank you friend for the answer =)

There is a saying in Malay, “Bagai perigi mencari timba.” Means the situation where the girl seeks for a man to get married with. In our culture, it is totally shameful. And I am talking about no ordinary shame. It is like as if you can cover your face with something so people cannot see you or your family. Sometimes, the family that is lebih sudu dari kuah. Well, Islam accepts this kind of situation ; perigi cari timba. If not, how could Khadijah proposed right? Something's wrong in the society. Our Malay society.

As for men, if you are being proposed, or if a woman confesses to you, do not think that you are sooo great that girls are chasing for you. Should you know a marriage is to complete the Deen, and please do not let the woman down. If you do not like her, you say it, tell her properly. Just because the woman is not your type, maybe she is not that pretty, not that slim, or not that the whatever-characteristics you want, does not mean she should be treated in a bad way. You should know that it is not easy for women to confess to your face.

As for woman, to use a middle man is the best way. If your proposal is accepted, elhamdulillah. If not, just keep calm and live your life. I guess it is not easy when you know the person you like is fond of other woman, sometimes even your own friend. But you know what, life goes on. There are still lots of nice and soleh men out there. If he is meant for you, he will come for you. For the meantime, prepare yourself, be patient and put your trust in Allah. InshaAllah InshaAllah. After all, this worldly life is all lies. What we need is a spouse that can lead us with our children and others to achieve mardhatillah, and together we enter the Jannah inshaAllah. Smile =)


Muhammad Hafiz said...

Dah proposed sesiapa ke Sumaiyah?

Nanti jemput la bila nak langsungkan pernikahan :)

SuMaiYaH said...




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