Monday, September 24, 2012

She is Hafizah =)

She is different.
 Being called as “Ustazah Rock”, she has a wide coverage of friends and folks because of that uniqueness. 
She always stresses on the barokah and blessing of knowledge. She taught me of the ethics and adab with teachers .
She mingles around with international students and lecturers very well that I feel jealous of her, and somehow all those motivated me indirectly.
She always reminds me of our Quran memorization (tsk tsk). She is independent, she won’t ask for anyone’s help until the last minute. Sometimes it annoys me, but that is her style. She does everything on her own.
We share a lot of similarities, but still, as friends, there were misunderstandings. Alhamdulillah everything is okay. (Kan kann)
I must say, she is extra-ordinary. We get along together well. I think she is the person who understands (the complicated) me the most after my family.
I am sure that she can do her job well, provided that her family and friends support her at any time she needs.
 I know KICT students must have their own opinions about her and other candidates, but this is mine. I will vote for her because I know she is able to uphold the vision and mission of IIUM, together with her friends and of course, with us. And still, nobody’s perfect. That’s why we need each other.

This post is very personal, and I am not begging all of you to cast your vote for her. But trust is something we can’t buy anywhere. It is gained from people, by our attitude. And I trust her.

 If she wins the election, I pray that Allah will ease her path. We might not be as close as now, but at least I know I have had a friend, a very good friend. :')

 So, on this Tuesday (25/9), cast your vote wisely!
 May Allah bless us with our choices, Ameen Ya Robb.
“Let’s Be One Big Family” till Jannah, inshaAllah! ♥


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