Wednesday, August 1, 2012

When I Present ...

Alhamdulillah, presented my research for English for Academic Writing Purposes (EAW) subject, entitled 'Gender Differences on Facebook Usage' among IIUM students.

Obviously nervousness was there. Haha. As usual, people laughing at me. Hairan betul, present OS pun orang gelak. Padahal aku tak buat lawak pun. The one I regretted most was I didn’t record my presentation! Aaaaaa (meren suda) Tu la, sapa suruh tak charge mp3. It is good to hear your own self after presented. You will have some sort of relieved, foolish, senget, funny and satisfied feeling. Haaa believe me. Other than that, you can re-listen to your own voice. Boleh la perasan sikit2, di samping mengetahui di mana kelebihan dan kekurangan andee.

I rated my own presentation (together with findings) 8 out of 10. Hihi. Suke hati gua la nak bagi brape kan. Despite main2 and all constraints, I managed to present today. Have to present today because I suppose to handle my 2nd draft of term paper today (which I didn’t do). So I will submit it tomorrow inshaAllah. Budak2 NC ajak g iftar kat Alpha Angle le plop. Aiyoyo penim penim.

Back to my presentation, reasons why people laughed that I can detect are :
- Tekan remote untuk magicboard passionately (kot). Macam tak pernah jumpa remote.
- Touch the magicboard screen with my finger but the slide didn’t change to the next. After touch again then it went to the next next slide. Aigoo
- At last, I use my penumbuk tu touch the screen. Ok jalan.
- People laughed most when my recommendation was not referring to my significant findings (can see from the link below). Sebab memang buat last minute. So madam asked why, I was speechless. Then I said “Takpela madam, no recommendation.” Sume orang gelak. Hoho. Apada sumi..

Back to my seat, one sister said that I was being too honest in front there. Huhu I am sorry, that is my personality. With nervousness and panic, what I said first was original from my heart (ceh, bajet).  Sekian cerita presentation saya. I don't really mind people laughing, maybe because I love being the center of attention LOL + aku tak buat salah ape pun, it is about my style in presenting. Below are links to my questionnaire and the result :

Presentation Slides

Thanks for those who helped, may Allah double triple the rewards during this blessed Ramadhan. See ya next time! (InshaAllah)

Rindu rumah dan isinya. Allah, mudahkanlah urusan mereka, tenangkanlah hati mereka.

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