Friday, August 10, 2012

Is this Me #5

The Most Miserable
You are well suited for a life of politics because you are able to differentiate between wrong from right pretty well and you are also very decisive. (keras hati bero, xnak dengo pendapat org haha)

When it comes to love, you are very indecisive. You sometimes need him or her, sometimes you don't. You better be careful not to hurt an innocent party. (betui kot? so dont fall for me. Lulz)

What kind of person are you?
You are an outgoing and cheerful person. Although you get frustrated sometimes, you get through hard times easily and are joyful again. (bakpo nak pikir benda sedih lame2 ye dok. Life goes on maah)

Your friendly personality makes you attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex, but this makes your spouse feel insecure. Your lack of emotion is a disadvantage, but your candor has made you popular. (Faymes sebab outspoken is not good bero)

Friends of your gender find it hard to understand you because of your innocent thinking. But this is your advantage as it attracts members of the opposite sex who have the same personality as you. (pasal same gender tu setuju, only few people understood me well. Yang opposite sex tu macam tak je haha)

Psychological Test
• You are easy to understand. (dah easy le plak hahaha)
• How ambitious you are depends on the height that you answered, which is: top. (zzzzz)
• You try to please everyone, the size of this personality as seen by others is medium. (ngape nak gumbirakan hati org lain jika kita terseksa? kui3)
• Diamond means stubborn personality. (baru tau ka?)
• You are also superior and impressive. (bluek =P)
• You are an opportunist.
• Your husband or wife is the one you need when you are in trouble. (time will come, inshaAllah. If not now, later.)

-setakat ni habis dah untuk website sama dgn soalan yang berbeza2. Harap ande2 sekalian suda mengenali saye. Pura2 kenal jah. Wakaka. Kbai.

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