Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kanan Kiri Atas Bawah

I applied for part time job. There was one Indian Guy contacted me few days ago. Asked me to come and see him. The job was promoter, kind of. They deal with jeans and shirt (if not mistaken) and will be having promotion and sales at Wangsa Walk eary July till end of August. I am almost almost meet him last Monday. Then in the morning I found out that I have been added to the LE 4000 (English for Academic Writing). This subject meant a lot because it will decrease my coursework in the future, inshaAllah.

Monday last week was the first day for Add-Drop Session. There were sooo many students queuing to add the English subject. Well. It is a university requirement subject. After almost an hour in the line, we found out that only graduating students can be added to the subject. Then at the main entrance of their Office there were some information about graduating students who want to add the subject should write a letter to the Deputy Dean Academic Affairs of CELPAD, stating the reasons.

So I canceled my intention to send the form. Instead of that, I went home and write a letter, eventhough I am not a graduating student. I listed 3 to 4 reasons, if not mistaken. The day after, I submitted it. I don’t really put hope in it, because I am just a 3rd year student that is obviously not graduating right after this short semester hihi. With the letter I attached the add-drop form and my Graduation Slip.

Last Monday I found out that I got the subject. Monday 4PM I supposed to meet my future employer at Maybank Tower. But because of the class, I called him and explained the situation. He accepted it, and DONE!

The thing about the part time job is.. None of my families or friends really approved my decision. Huhu. According to the Indian guy, I will be working from 4-10PM. Part time kan. Most of them did not accept my choice because I will be working until night. And it is at Wangsa Walk, not near Gombak. It is not insecure for a girl like me. Then one of ma friend said, is my financial situation that worst that I need to find a job? Hehe. One said that it is not compulsory for me to work, and Islam did not allow (or encourage?) a muslimah to go out at night by her own. Need mahram maa. (sebenarnya selalu je aku ke JJ malam2 kalau tension hehe). What they said were all true bero. Maybe I don’t really need the job actually. I just want some experiences dealing with people and managing my time, also to reduce burden of my daddy that is my sponsor , bla bla.. I already observe my working hours, when is the last bus at Sri Rampai station, at LRT Putra blablaa.. Hehe. Anyway it was a good experiences dealing with my future employer via email and phone call. Yesterday I sent an email to him to reconfirm my phone call last Monday. This morning he replied, saying thanks for taking the effort to send the reconfirmation email. For me, it is not really effort. We need to show that we are serious with the job, but then Allah has a better plan for me, Alhamdulillah. So after this, please consult your beloved family and friends before making any decision ye Sumaiyah. Many brains will have many point of views.

Last night the Kerabat Devotees (KD) committee had a meeting about the event that will be held soon. What a long meeting bero. Almost 4 hours, ended at 0030. Since i am the only one iium rep, so I accompanied the VP eventually became a backup secretary (upgrade kata VP). I don’t know but I really love typing hihi, provided it is not a notebook and the keyboard is okay ngeh3. Sorry my KICTFEST folks for my absence.

I forgot to send the reminders to all the KICTFEST committees about the meeting/induction last Monday. I apologized in the group. But I don’t expect to get some sentences from some of them. The reaction was like.. I did not remind them intentionally. Because of the issue, I felt so miserable. Mood spoiled bero. Ditambah dengan video animation yang kena siapkan yesterday, because it will be presented to the CG Skill Representative, bro Kenji. It was fun to watch others, but ashamed to watch mine. Huhu, not much time and macam foolish pun ada. Bro Kenji commented that the music for the video I made was a little disturb to the audience. Dah aku pun tak betul skang ni bero. Hoho. Already in the past, please make it lesson ye. Manage your time well.

Alhamdulillah, selamat semuanya.

Sorry for anyone I talked/responded badly. Sorry3. I really lost something in myself. I am far away from something. While I am searching for it, please bear with me, and I also will try to be good with people around me. Then you will find that actually I am a very introverted person hehe. Silent person at last. Some of my friends said that they are afraid if I become silent, because sounds like I am angry or bad mood lah. Well, being silent is needed sometimes. And obviously everyone need to has their own intimate time, to reflect themselves or whatsoever. I have mine, so do you. I am not bising that much, I also need time for myself.

Semalam balik dari animation, the weather is soo nice. I felt some sort of reassurance. Of course it came from the Creator of the weather. Thanks Allah for the life I got until this time. Please make me strong, please make my families strong, please make my friends strong. Ameen.

ps:lawak story few weeks ago, I bumped into my DQ friend at pasar malam. She said some shocking thing which was I was getting married. Hahaha. She heard from other DQ friend. Macam2 citer lah skarang. Kejap kata aku kerja kelab malam, kejap kata aku dah nak kahwin. Am I that famous? Wakakaka. She really made my day. :D

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