Monday, June 4, 2012

Reflection Journal

Below was my reflection journal of E-Commerce subject requested by my lecturer from all of her students. It is not compulsory, but well u know me, always love to express my views hihi. Please ignore any mistakes (especially grammar) in this journal. Layannzz ~

Salam ‘alaik Madam, hope you are in the pink of health :]

In this journal, I will tell my observations of this subject throughout this semester. Frankly, my previous reflection journal is something I did without reading the guidelines. It is because I did not know there was a guideline that you posted in the repository and I was absent for the whole week when you told the class about it.

I enjoy learning, so I have no problem sitting in any class hehehe. As a learner, I found it is inappropriate for students to come late during class. As far as I know, it is part of ethics for students to come earlier than the lecturers. Or in Islam we call it adab. I tried to come earlier than the lecturers for all my subjects I took this semester. Of course under some circumstances, I did come late. I feel dissatisfied with myself for not telling my friends about this. I am sorry, madam.

In e-commerce subject, I learned a lot about publishing websites and the existing websites, their advantages upon the others and so on. I learned the type of payments, the ethics in trading, so on and so forth. I will remember it if I revise them always. The thing is I did not do it frequently. In fact, I seldom do revision. This begets to forgetfulness of the knowledge I learned.

I did borrow textbooks from the library. Previously I borrowed the 2002’s edition, now in my hand I got a little upgraded ones, 2007’s. I still wait for the latest one to be available but it seems I need to concentrate on studying for the final now…

I do not have any specific strategy in studying. But as far as I am concern, I love simple, readable and understandable figures. I hate long essay, although I did write long in my blog posts hihi. But in my learning process, mind-map is usually the best, also with books that do not have lines in it. That is why I prefer to cut the A4 papers into two in a vast amount, binding them together, to make notebooks for the subjects I learned. It is not that I dislike the power point slides you provided, but I just want something that I can keep and read them anytime I want. In return, I enjoy making notes for all the lessons and more excited to read them back especially in revision period like this.

Though I love learning, I found that my pointer is not increasing that much. I once asked my friend, when I hesitated to go on with my minor few days ago; I did not mind if my CGPA is not high, but the thing companies look first is the CGPA, only then they would call for interviews if they satisfied. I just want to enrich my knowledge. My friends said, then when you enjoy learning, that enjoyment should help you increase your pointer eventually.

What she said is undeniably true. Her words somehow motivated me.

During this course, I did not encounter problems that much. Maybe with my group mate, but overall I think everything is OK. I don’t know about others’ assumptions about me. Maybe it is good to know that too. I remembered the last class I attended, madam is telling us about ethics, in Islamic perspective together moral view. I like this topic a lot. Because I know most Muslims today are lack of integrity, something that has been taught as basic thing in Islam. I do not know about the others, but for me to gain barokah in anything I do is very important. I hold to that principle. And Alhamdulillah, praises be only to Allah, until this second, I am happy and content with my life.

My last group discussion was not that bad, we gathered to finish all the unfinished things related to the group project. Sometimes we joke about the other member that was absent. I did not learn much in Dreamweaver, because I did not install the software. I did ask my colleague, but most of them did not have it. I know the Problem-based Learning method is for me to trigger my mind in thinking critically and creatively. I hope I achieved that objective. The thing for me (and some other people) is that I am lazy to think. Other than that, I am not aware of the current issue, because I dislike reading newspapers, something that I think might waste my time since I have so many interesting to do (actually I keep repeating the same hobbies and interests all the time). Some things I did are not even benefit myself, apatah lagi others. I should reflect a lot on this.

Apart from this subject and reflection journal, I hope I can improve myself. I should realize that not everyone get the chances to pursue their studying. Not everyone is given the opportunities to deepen their understandings in certain topics. With this, I end my journal. Thanks a lot, jazaakillah khayr to all my lecturers for the knowledge they delivered to me and my friends. May Allah bless all my teachers and shower them with barokah and happiness in this world and Hereafter inshaAllah. Ameen. Wassalam.

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