Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Sunday

Tiring days behind. Yesterday was the first day we learned using the software. A little awkward because I’m not used to it yet. Susah jugak gayenye. Yang best tu, guna pen tablet woo.. Mahal tau, dalam ratus2, tapi less than RM200 lah. Today I did gotong-royong for my room. Could not stand with the dust and dirt. This was the day I waited for. Yeahhh ! what did I do today? Jeng3 ~

Alhamdulillah everything went well as planned. Tapi dah sah sah lah capek banget bero. I hope I can sleep before 12 tonight. Ada insiden jugak hari ni sebenarnya. Salah faham maybe. At last I chose to be silent. I apologized and I did not want to think about it anymore. Depends on the person laa ape2 jadi lepas nih. Aku malas nak cerita sebab malas nak ingat. Bagi aku tak semua benda aku perlu cerita walaupun orang tu kawan rapat aku. Kadang2 aku ade je bagitau something tapi maybe because it was in jokes, people ignore it, indirectly. So should I become serious then? Aiya, serious2 is soo boring.

One thing I like about myself is that I can forget things easily. I don’t like to burden myself with things I don’t want to. Things that upset me, I will try to forget them. Sometimes they did go themselves, without any forces. Any sms or messages that hurt me, I will delete them if not immediately, maybe the day after. I try to remember the lesson beneath the messages, then I deleted them.

Because of today’s incident, the person has thought me as a bad friend. Yes I am. I am sad. But still, life goes on. I am sorry for not being a good friend. It’s just sometimes I need time for myself. After six strenuous days, I deserved to be by myself. To all my friend, please understand that. Sometimes when it is so difficult, I chose to keep quiet. I am sorry, friend.

Eh, today it was raining at UIA, after few days of haze. Oh, so stress because I could not do any exercise. Blood Type Os person do physical exercises to release their tension, do you know that? Hoooo. Soo happy to see rains while listening to instrumental music and doing the gotong royong kehkeh. Sweeping the floor, cuci2 kipas, lap lantai dengan leftover kain buruk, basuh lantai ampaian, susun barang2 kat depan, blah blah blah.. stop for a while for lunch, solat, sambung2, took a nap, sambung2, solat, until maghrib. Alhamdulillah, sume okay! Boleh bergumbira dengan suasana kurang habuk dan bersih miahaha. What a passion when you are in fresh and clean air. Praises be only to Allah for all those bounties.

That’s all for my Sunday. Another busy days are on their way. Hahaha. Please enjoy yourself, Sumaiyah! =D

ToonBoom Schedule. Way to go!

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