Saturday, May 5, 2012


Technopreneurship adalah salah satu subjek yang saya ambil dalam semester ini. Diajar oleh Sir Jamaludin Ibrahim, yang berpengalaman agak lama dalam industri, selain sir ARAD (Abdul Rahman Ahmad Dahlan) dalam post sebelum ini.

The objectives of this course are to:
# Provide knowledge on Technopreneurship process from idea generation to the formation of a new venture.
# Provide exposure and knowledge to evaluate business ideas, business model selection and the requisite model selection and the requisite soft-skills.
# Provide practical and hands-on experience in developing compelling business plan to secure financial support and investment.

Learning Outcomes :
# Demonstrate knowledge of key technopreneurial concepts, processes, strategies pertinent for start-ups and early-stage business ventures.
# Demonstrate ability to work in teams, generate business ideas, evaluate opportunities, select business ideas, evaluate opportunities, select business model, identify target market, develop sales strategies and draw up compelling business case.
# Develop and present compelling business plan to secure financial support from potential investors.

(copy from slides hoho)

Well, inshaAllah tomorrow morning I suppose to present my company's business plan (well, an imagined one) in front of others, the lecturer and friends. Agagaga. Cuak betul nih. Sebenarnya bukan aku, tapi depa suka sangat bagi kat aku kan. Sangat nervous oo mau cakap di depan orang ramai. Camne nak jadi wakil rakyat nih wakaka :p I know I can speak well, because my madam once told me that I spoke with passion during my presentation in English (Listening&Speaking) Class few years ago. Hoho. Kind of support tho. Thanks madam Arinah :) Confidence is one thing, and practice is another to consider. I sure need practice more, because I tend to speak fast, and assume that people can catch my words. Harhar. Cruel me. Still got few hours to train myself. I do not aim to succeed among the other groups, but to gain confidence and passion, plus to make the audience understand are more than enough. Please pray for me my friends :)

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