Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pen Merah Pen Biru

After my friend told me an idea, I suddenly gain conscious in something :

Women tend to like someone who is close to them.

As for my experiences, I have some friends from matriculation, I think I like him (them?), but then after a while, I realized I am just having crash on him/them.

I used to have kind lecturers, I think I like them, but then I realized that was all my childish feelings.

Yeah, I did have old male friend, we befriended for almost 10 years. I think I like him but after I isolated myself from him for certain period of time, I’ve found that actually I still can live happily without him.

So the key here, in order to not be attracted to the opposite sex, some of us (specifically me) need to keep distance from them. It is not wrong to have them as friends, but, know your limit. Because it is proven that men and women do have chemical bonding among themselves.

Yes, my friend and I are not doing any Monte Carlo method that needs enormous results to prove it. But, who cares?

I do not know if today I like this person, and tomorrow I do not.

I may hate someone today, but I might like (love?) him tomorrow.

That is why they say, do anything in average level. Do not neither love nor hate people to a great extent. As the ultimate love should be only for Allah, and Prophet Muhammad SAW.

So, for you : please take care of yourself.

For me, please take care of myself ya Sumaiyah.

Red pen blue pen,
You angry, go eat lempenG :p

p.s : no wonder I hesitated to follow them hang out a long time ago. Hooooo. Chow ~

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