Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Teachers

S.Asnah bt Karimin , Misnah bt Aman, Tadika KEMAS Felda Linggiu
Zanariah bt Ali, Tahun 1 Kenanga, SK LKTP Linggiu
Humah Mageswari, Tahun 2 Waja, SK RKT Lasah
Balya b. Aziz@Ismail, Tahun 3 Waja, SK RKT Lasah
Noor Shidah bt Sulaiman, Tahun 5 & 6 Merah, SK Datin Khadijah
Zakariya Shamsudin, Tingkatan 1R, Sekolah Raja (P) Taayah
Ustaz Azwani Alias, Tingkatan 2S, Sekolah Raja (P) Taayah
Noor Azzyyati, Tingkatan 3S, Sekolah Raja (P) Taayah
CIkgu Farhan, Tingkatan 4ScII, Sekolah Raja (P) Taayah
Nor Azah, Tingkatan 5ScII, Sekolah Raja (P) Taayah
Siti Khatijah & Noorsuhaida, Darul Quran JAKIM

List above is my teachers’ name since my kindergarten until pra-university education.

And I got a lot more awesome teachers during my university studies. Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for giving me such experiences. I have faced international and local lecturers, fierce and soft-spoken ones, strict and kind-hearted ones, pro-government and pro-opposition, loyal and loving, and many more.

Thank you teacher, Jazakumullah khayr.

Deep in my heart, I adore all my teachers and lecturers, no matter how bad they are (of course they aren’t). Because they are the ones who deliver the knowledge and enrich my understanding. I might forget your lessons (I hope not), but I will never forget you and always remember you during my pray.

May Allah shower all my teachers with blessings and happiness in this temporary world and the forever Hereafter, and grant them barokah in everything they do.

All praises be only to Allah the Absolute Knower, and Salawat and Salaam to the Prophet Muhammad SAW, the teacher that inspired and motivated me. My parents, my first teachers, also to my families and friends, who have taught me directly and indirectly about many many and many things, may Allah bless all of you. I love you =]

p.s : wondering what would be the response if there is a Teachers' Feedback Survey for IIUM lecturers.

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