Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jogging Tips

1. Wear a loose and comfortable outfit. A tight one might cause difficulties for your movement.
2. Make sure your aurah is covered.
3. Choose running shoes. Casual shoes can cause injury.
4. Wear socks.
5. Evening is a suitable time for jogging (and other activities too).
6. Morning also can do.
7. Make sure no wild animals are around.
8. You can bring friend(s), but make sure they do not disturb your jog (or vice versa). Because chit-chat can be done anytime, right :P
9. Do not drink water, unless for small amount.
10. Do warming up, concentrating more on your legs.
11. Choose a suitable place.
12. Wear sunglass if it is too bright.
13. Set your time. An ideal duration is 30 minutes.
14. Say Bismillah, and any do’a to ask protection from Allah.

1. Do not speak/laugh too much while you are jogging, it might cause problem to your heart.
2. Control your breath; make sure most of it done by nose, not mouth (using mouth to breath make you to feel tired faster).
3. It is not how big your step is; it is how far you can go for once.
4. Smaller step with longer distance is better than bigger steps with stop and jog and stop and jog and stop..
5. You can vary your jog styles (slow, fast, etc).
6. You can look around but it is important to concentrate on your way.
7. Be careful when you cross the street.
8. Be aware of people/environment around you.
9. Jog until you satisfy yourself.

1. Do cooling down.
2. Stretch your muscle a little longer.
3. Drink a lot of water.
4. Say Alhamdulillah


sumai : sekian tips rekaan saya. sebarang keraguan hendaklah dirujuk kepada yang pakar. selamat mencobaa..! :D


Anonymous said...

It is not how big your step is; it is how far you can go for once

Ape maksud ni? bole terangkan sikit? Cam keliru skit. huhu.

SuMaiYaH said...

maksudnya, kalau langkah besar, kita akan jadi cepat penat. jogging is something we do leisurely. no need to rush.

maksud ayat tu, kalau langkah besar tapi nanti cepat penat, tak jauh pun kita bleh pegi. instead, kita akan berhenti sekejap2 (amik nafas etc) and bagi saya, saya tak suka macam tu. harharhar

Anonymous said...

jadi, langkah yang kita jalan tu kene pendek or suitable dgn larian kite ek?

sumai said...

sort of. haha

Anonymous said...

ok! thnx! ^^

SuMaiYaH said...

u r welcome :)
how often u jog, dear anon? just a survey


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