Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Are You Wearing This

I take only 5 subjects this semester but it seems like double. Go out in the morning and back home (hostel) at night. Sometimes due to meeting some people (actually almost same people) or programs organized by various organization.

So today I supposed to attend some circle then because of lateness, I went back home, which was KICT. After a deep thought either attending ICTSS Mass Gathering or Annual General Meeting or SRC, I decided to go the AGM. Sorry my ICTSS fellows. So while waiting for Maghrib azan, I went to ICT General Lab. What are in there? Of course PCs and internet.

After surfing a while, there came one friend. A male friend. I knew him while taking the programming subject during my first year in this university. An international student. Let me name him as K. He came to me, said salam, bla3. And then came one question from his mouth.

“Why are you changing?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why you wear like this?”(I wore trousers and long red blouse at that time.)

(terkesima kejap) “What’s your problem?”

“I don’t have any problem. You have problem.”

(Monolog : Hai dia nie nak cari pasal ka) “I don’t want to talk to you. Sorry.”

Then he went back to his chair.

Hello, This is Malaysia. Not any Arabic countries. I don’t think wearing loose trousers is wrong. Huh. Unlike in their countries, their culture is to cover everything, the only thing can see is the eyes. I am not saying no commands in the Quran that said no need to cover ‘Aurah, but there is also no exact commands that prevent women from wearing trousers. So if we want to go exercising, we cannot wear the track suit. Is it like that?

After performing Solat Maghrib at the musolla, I waited for the bus but it was late. I decided to walk, using the back way of the kuliyyah. A little creepy, but Alhamdulillah there were lights. Then this K guy approached me because he was also going back, riding his motorcycle. He stopped by. I made some face and said I don’t want to talk to him.

“Why you don’t want to talk to me?”

“I don’t want to talk about that topic. This is Malaysia. Our culture, it is permissible to wear trousers. Sorry, I need to hurry.”

“Why don’t you ride with me” (pointing at the back seat of the motorcycle.)

“Haisshh!” (and walked away)

“Nevermind, but I can prove to you that the commands are in the Quran and hadith.” (drove his motor away)

(Monolog : macam la aku taktau benda tu ada. What the big deal lah mamat nih)

That was the first story.

Few days ago, while I was walking with my female friend, let me name her as A, we bumped into this K guy too. A was wearing a little colorful baju kurung. Then K guy said :

“Why are you wearing this”

A answered. “Why?”

“Why it is too colorful.”

(A was speechless, she walked away)

I know his intention was good, but maybe there are better approaches to tell the person, include me. I was running of time while he approached me in the lab that I decided not to talk to him. I heard from some people that he liked to tell people this and that. Im not sure about that. One thing for sure, the thing he said to me made me a little upset. No one tell me what to wear, because as far as I concern, I try to take care of my appearance, not wearing tight trousers, even though I admit I do have some. Should become slimmer to wear them comfortably huhu.

Anyway, today was a happy day because I managed to donate 450ml red blood again, after my last donation that was on October 2010. What a long time ago. The blood hole at my arm did bleed a while, Alhamdulillah it got plaster that prevent the blood to come out. The awesome thing was the donor got one 100 plus drink, with milo and bread hohoo. What a excitement for a food lover like me huhuu. Gtg now. Till then, thanks for reading! :D


Anonymous said...

ape maksud K tu yg dia kate command tu ade lam quran? yg dia ajak naik moto ke?

sumaiyah said...

yang perempuan takbleh pakai trousers

Mr. H said...

Aku cam tau sape gerangan mr K tu. Hoho. Dia tu mmg gtu la. Die tak phm konteks malaysia camne. Yup islam is for all, tapi implementation die kalo tak salah dari segi syarak aku rasa takde masalah huhu

Mungkin die tak niat nak sakitkan hati, tapi mngkin gaya dia ckp mmg cenggitu (sangka baik)


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