Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh Cafetaria!

November, 18 - Ten of mahallah's cafeterias have been closed after the inspection made by Gombak's health inspectors under the Ministry of Health Malaysia.
1. Hafsah's cafeteria
2. Asma's cafeteria
3. Nusaibah's cafeteria
4. Halimah's cafeteria
5. Asiah's cafeteria
6. Safiyah's cafeteria


7. Cafeterias in the Centre

Those ten cafeterias failed to achieve 65% rating. the operators were asked to close those cafeterias immediately and were given two days to do cleaning operation for SECOND INSPECTION. they have to achieve 80% rating in order to pass the inspection. IF THOSE CAFETERIAS FAIL TO ACHIEVE 80% RATING, THEY WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL THEY FULFIL THE REQUIREMENT.
Referring to the Act, they have to be closed for 14 days but FFSD had made an appeal to allow them to be opened by this Tuesday.

For the affected students, you can choose one of the following alternatives:
1. Eat at the sisters' cafe that are still operating
2. Eat at the centre
3. Eat outside of IIUM

Prepared by,
Welfare Secretariat
International Islamic University Malaysia

via SRC Blog

Sumaiyah :
I know some of the cafes are not too clean. In fact, they are not clean at all. This way they will be reminded of the cleanliness. I know profit is important, but please don't neglect the cleanliness of the cafe and the food itself. Too bad these things happen to our community i.e. Muslim Community.

Think what you eat is clean? Think again :)

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