Friday, October 28, 2011

The Person

There are people
We could not appreciate them
When they are around us
But we feel the loss
When they are gone.

There is a person
I cannot meet
even though in my heart I really wanted to
and for a little time, the person was very near
and now, the person is gone.

It is so sad to think
The thing you can do
When it is allowed
But for the meantime
It is not permissible.

I feel heartbroken
To know that the person is now far away
But at the same time
I feel relieved
To know that the person is far for good
And to know that the person
Will continue the journey to seek truth
And to spread them.

As for me
Only two things matter now
Patience and Pray.

Mahallah Aminah, 1028PM.

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