Thursday, October 27, 2011


There are times
When you don't wanna meet others
Don't wanna say anything
Just wanna do nothing.

There are times
Where you don't have the guts to smile
Wanna be all alone by yourself
Without the disturb from others.

There are times
You wanna let go all thing
Don't wanna commit with anything
and anybody.

There are times
You wanna cry
but tears wont come out
You wanna run
But your leg wont permit.

And what's the solution for all those times?
Back to Allah and ask for Allah's help.


Gombak, 1019am

Apalah erti cinta suci, andai janji-janji sering dimungkiri
Apalah erti cinta murni, andai kata-kata sering didustai

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