Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Working Style B-)

*Based on a mini survey taken here

You are friendly, adaptable realists. You rely on what you see, hear, and know first-hand. You good-naturedly accept and use the facts around you. You look for a satisfying solution instead of trying to impose any "should" or "must" of your own. You are sure a satisfying solution will turn up once you have grasped all the facts.

You solve problems by being adaptable, and often can get other to adapt, too. People generally like you well enough to consider any compromise you suggest. You are unprejudiced open-minded, and tolerant of most everyone--including yourself. You take things as they are and thus may be very good at easing a tense situation and pulling conflicting factions together.

With your focus on the current situation and realistic acceptance of what exists, you can be a gifted problem solver. Because you are not necessarily bound by a need to follow standard procedures or preferred methods, you are often able to see ways of achieving a goal by "using" the existing rules, systems, or circumstances in new ways, rather than allowing them to be roadblocks.

You are actively curious about people, activities, food, objects, scenery, or anything new presented to your senses. Your expert abilities in using your senses may show in:

-- a continuous ability to see the need of the moment and turn easily to meet it
-- the ability to absorb, apply and remember great numbers of facts
-- an artistic taste and judgement
-- the handling of tools and materials

You make your decisions by using the personal values of feeling rather than the logical analysis of thinking. Your feeling makes you tactful, sympathetic, interested in people, and especially good at handling human contacts. You may be too easy in matters of discipline. You learn far more from first-hand experience than from books, and do better in actual situations than on written tests. Abstract ideas and theories are not likely to be trusted by you until you have been tested in experience. You may have to work harder than other people to achieve in school, but can do so when you see the relevance.

You do best in careers needing realism, action, and adaptability. Examples are health services, sales, design, transportation, entertainment, secretarial or office work, food service, supervising work groups, machine operation, and many kinds of troubleshooting.

You are strong in the art of living. You get a lot of fun out of life, which makes you good company. You enjoy your material possessions and take the time to acquire you. You find much enjoyment in good food, clothes, music, and art. You enjoy physical exercise and sports, and usually are good at these.

How effective you are depends on how much judgment you acquire. You may need to develop your feeling so that they can use your values to provide standards for your behavior, and direction and purpose in your lives. If your judgment is not developed enough to give you any character or stick-to-it-iveness, you are in danger of adapting mainly to your own love of a good time.

Suitable Careers

animal groomer or trainer | athletic coach | designer | dietician or nutritionist | fitness instructor | flight attendant | fund-raiser | medical assistant | merchandise planner | musician | nurse | occupational therapist | performer | physical therapist |police officer | professional athlete |public relations specialist | real-estate agent | recreation worker | salesperson | social worker | special events coordinator | teacher | transportation operator | travel agent | veterinarian or assistant

sumai : some of them are undeniably true. but some are "i think that's not me." wehehe. Have u explore your very self? Jom B-)


Nur Atikah Yusof said...

nice teeth.hehe..nk tips!

SuMaiYaH said...

gosok gigi slalu.
terutama sebelum tido.
floss jgn lupe ye
haha! :P


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