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Pimples? Tips for Teeeeenagers :P

No excessive hygiene!
As fas as daily cleansing is concerned, it is not so much – how often you wash yourself – but what you wash yourself with. It is really sufficient to wash yourself mornings and evenings. More often stresses the skin.

It is better to use sebamed than soap!
You should completely dispense with soap, as it erodes the acid mantle of the skin, which only makes the pimple problem worse. The use of sebamed CLEAR FACE soap-free Cleansing Bar and Antibacterial Cleansing Foam strengthens the natural protective function of the skin’s acid mantle, which counteracts the formation of pimples.

Hands off those pimples!
You should under no circumstances attempt to “operate” on pimples or squeeze them out. This leads to even more bacteria entering the pores, resulting in increased infection and damage to the skin. Even then it is difficult – Hands Off !!

Use only skin products, which are free of fats and emulsifiers!
You should ensure that you only use skin care products, which are free from oils and emulsifiers. These components can lead to an increase in the number of blackheads.

Fresh food for a fresh complexion!

The right food can really work wonders for a problematic skin. A piece of chocolate now and then will cause your skin no harm, but basically speaking : fresh fruit veggies, which provide little fat and large amounts of roughage are gems for your skin. Yes, say adieu to hamburgers, fries, coke and pizza and hello to a clear complexion.

Exercise and fresh air!
Sports and fresh air are not only fun, they also get your circulation and metabolism going. These are keys for beautiful and healthy skin.

In “case of emergency” consult your dermatologist!
If you are unable to bring your pimple problem under control, although you have cleansed and cared for your skin correctly and have been following the above mentioned recommendations then you should consult your dermatologist. After consulting your physician CLEAR FACE dan be used as therapy supportive skin care to combat your acne condition.

How do pimples occur?
Interwoven in the layers in your skin are a large number of minute, invisible sebaceous glands, approximately 300 per square centimeter. The majority of these glands are found in the face, décolleté and the shoulder.
The sebaceous glands have an important task. They produce special fats – sebum, which provide the skin with a smooth protective layer.

However, should the opening of these sebaceous glands become blocked by dirt or skin cells, which have clumped together etc. the excreted sebym accumulates and a blackhead is formed.
Certain skin bacteria (propioni bacterium acnes) collect on the sebaceous matter of the blackheads, which causes the inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Pus forms and then you have the unwelcome result - a troublesome pimple.

How can you make those Pimples Disappear?
Even though the advertising industry promises you a real wonder, pimples and blackheads cannot be gotten rid of overnight. However, you will be able to deal with this annoying problem, with the correct skin care and a little patience. The protective acid mantle of the skin with its pH value of 5.5 plays an important role as a defence mechanism. This is our skin’s natural barriers against harmful environmental influences and germs. The slightly acidic pH value of 5.5 prevents harmful bacteria from multiplying on the skin, thus protecting you from infections.

Dermatologists recommend to cleanse and care for problematic skin with a soap-free cleanser and skin care products which have the same pH value of 5.5 of healthy skin. This stabilizes the health of the skin’s acid mantle, protecting against acne causing bacteria (propioni bacterium acnes).
Pimples simply do not have a chance !! :P

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