Monday, January 10, 2011


4 weeks passed, I realized something about my studies and my life :

  • Start your day with smile :)
  • Never hesitate asking in the class
  • Be good with lecturers
  • Laziness will return you nothing (null)
  • Get some motivation if you are down
  • التّأجيل لصّ الزّمان
  • Never seek revenge. Redha is the keyword
  • Think of positive and happy things/endings
  • Never put your family aside
  • Sweat yourself if you are a little bored with your study
  • Never stare in the eyes when you are dealing with brothers
  • Also throw away your prejudice against them, coz they still can be counted on
  • A little is better than nothing, but it's nice if you could do more than that (coz I know you can do it!)
  • Copying notes would never be the same as learning in class, face-to-face with the cikgu. So don't make yourself as an absentee.
  • Allah is always with you! (As He promised He will always be there)
Love your life ! Coz once you have reached the next world, you can never come back.


QueEn said...

sumai..i like!!! em..gambo tu nanti teman bg mike ye...tak nyempat2 skrg nih =( -imah-

Hafiz Regist said...

Allah hanya akan bersama kita apabila kita mengingati-Nya.

Ingatlah Allah dan nescaya Allah akan mengingatimu.

SuMaiYaH said...

firstly, I like ur name too :D
Gambo baghdadi kan? Takpe buddy, take ur time. Benda tu nanti pun takpe. Utamakan kerja kita. Belajo..!! Go dentist Go !! (titibe semangat LOL)

Kalau kita tak ingat Allah pun, dengan rahmat dan kasih sayang Nya yang tak bertepi tu, kita akan tetap kembali pada Nya terutama pabila ditimpa ujian. Thanks :)

halimatonsaadiah said...

Kak Sumai I like this post...=)

kak Sumai said...



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