Sunday, November 7, 2010


(composed on Saturday night)

Actually I’m in the middle of studying SAD. I better write before I forgot. He he. It is about the new system provided for those who wants to go home by Transnasional Bus. They will help us to get the ticket!! Ahahaha. It saved my money a lot. Seriously. If it is not because of them, I will spend RM10 only to get the ticket to go home. Enough to support my food for two days. Or maybe a day.

This afternoon, I contacted the person in charge. They were Mad, Mudi and Afif. No sister okay. Then I texted the one who uses Celcom. Bla bla bla. They will send the ticket to Mahallah. Isn’t it great? It sounds great for me. Only RM1 for service charge. I went to pick it together with Shikin and Anis just now. And there you are, I already got my ticket!

Thanks for anyone who proposes this system. I guess it already run before, but maybe because of some problems, they stopped it for a while. Thank you to the person in charge too. I just don’t wanna say it in the Inbox. Should be honored to have your name here. Kehkeh. Anyway, cuti is almost near. But I still have 4 subjects queueing. Already passed 3 papers with colorful wings. Hihi. Way to go Sumaiyah !!

Eh, by the way, the IIUM wireless network is not working since this morning (Saturday). Maybe they want all the students study for the final. LOL. I even manage to post this using Naruto’s broadband. Thanks to her. She is very kind. That’s all from me. Till then, don’t forget to love your life!

sumai : errr, sorry, person who lives near Gombak and Selangor should just smile. Ha ha. What is boleto? Go translate using Google Translator. Hehe


imah said...

la...ingatkan transnasional yg buat sistem tu...upe2nye student iium gombak..kuantan tada ke?

sumai said...

kepalanya mungkin transanasional, tapi yang menjalankan nya adalah student sini yang sangat gigih bekerja. hihi.

kuantan, ermm. not sure pulak. kena tanya depa. nanti i roger you balik yer.. :D


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