Saturday, October 23, 2010

The 3-Days-Summary

There were soO0o0O much things happened to me this week. Last Tuesday, I invited Anis to donate blood at the SHAS mosque foyer. But unfortunately, Allah did not will us to donate. I had low blood pressure, something that I never faced when I want to donate blood before. After 3 times measuring my BP, the ‘akak’ said that I strictly could not donate blood that day. What was confusing me were why I did not felt any dizziness and I did have enough sleep the night before. And she said that maybe I had little stress. (What??) but maybe what she said was right. It was me that did not realize it. Nevermind, I still have the next day.

So on Wednesday, I decided to give a second try, as it was the last day of the blood donation. I first checked my BP at exhibition of IIUM Health Centre, and it was still low. I felt so sad. Well, you know me when I did not manage to get what I want.

sad panda

So I went to HS Café and was thinking why and why. I read a little from the book kak Mahabbah sent to me. I did not know what to do so I bought myself a plate of mee goreng, and ate there, after I had some keropok lekor. Still could not believe why my BP is low, because I already had my nasi lemak at mahallah before I went to class at 830am. Yes, I ate a lot, kan?

After I finished my mee, I went to the mosque foyer. If this one also failed, assumed that Allah did not allow me to donate. That’s all. Just proceeded with the abang that handled the BP. And Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s willing, my BP was normal. There were soo many people queuing to donate their blood, a proof that the world still has generous person. Hoho. I could donate mine only after 1pm because I had class before that. Then together with kak Hana’, we chased the IIUM bus, because soo tired to walk back to mahallah. When I arrived at my room, I felt something unusual in my body. Maybe because it was soo shocked to realize that it had to work harder. Ha ha.

I did not know if I was pretending to be strong, but at the same day, I went to Pasar Malam with my skuasy friend. As she said, Wednesday is my favourite day. Hihi. Maybe she’s right. On Thursday evening, we played our ‘favourite’ sport together. I was not sure whether I was too exhausted or thinking too much or had so much problem, I almost entered the wrong room when I went to my hostel. I stopped at the level that was not mine. Then I started thinking, what is happening to me?

Till now, I am still searching for the answer. Most probably it is my mistake. Slack in my ibadah may be the main cause. I ignore my quran memorization. So much dilemmas that tears always be my best friend. I do not treat people around me nicely, maybe some of you notice that. I am very sorry. Maybe it is true that women are very emotional. That’s why I prefer to be alone, because I always hurt people’s feeling when I deal with them. I advise others too much that I forgot myself. No one to share and no one to borrow shoulder. Should be grateful with what Allah has granted me, with infinity bounties, I should appreciate my life. Not always ask to be taken away. Heartless to sit for the exams. May Allah give me strength to face all the difficulties in this world and grant me the heart as Sumayyah the first shaahidah. That’s all from me, a schematic person. Thank you for reading, and if you don’t mind, please pray for me. Salam ‘Alaykoum.

Thee (alone) we worship; Thee (alone) we ask for help. 
Show us the straight path, 
The path of those whom Thou hast favoured. 
Not (the path) of those who earn Thine anger 
nor of those who go astray.
[Al-Fatihah : 5-7]

Usah dianyam sepi dengan kesedihan
Tak terhalang segala kehendak ilahi
Dituruti rasa tidak sampai ke mana
Duka dan lara melemahkan jiwa 
Simpanlah di hati.
(tak simpan dah sebab dah cerita di blog)

bukan rokok je membunuh okay..
behind a smile, there is something.. you tell me.

sumai : what a touchy (konon) post in a great morning. Is anyone feel touchy? Hihi. I wrote this post the night before I post it. Actually, most of my posts were written on that time. Aik, macam nak buat post baru pulak. Let’s start the day with a smile!

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