Friday, July 30, 2010

Life is Sooo Great !

Assalamualaikum semua!
Haha. Gembira bebeno hari ni gamoknye. Entah apa pase laah. Err ermmm hemmm hurmmm ahahaha. Okies. Sebenarnya beberapa benda gumbira telah terjadi kepada saya. Terima kasih Allah.

My campus. Thank you Allah, for everything :')

The most-awaited-day is here! Juma'at! Selalu kalau masuk Jumaat mesti gumbira, ape sebab entahlah. Mungkin sebab Sabtu Ahad takda kelas, boleh 'rest'. Rest lah kunun, padahai duk pi jalan2 ke hulu ke hilir.

Last week, ketika hati diselubungi kemendungan, then lepas kelas apa entah, i decided to play squash. On the way to the Female Sport Complex, suddenly i saw one amazing thing! Oh actually two of them. Two Rainbows! Very excited as i approach one sister who waited for his friend (maybe) there, to see the rainbows together with me. Ahaha. U know. The most beautiful and unusual-to-happen thing i always waiting for is that thing lah. Some people may think im crazy. Peduli apa aku. keh3

Malam tadi kelas ICO. Introduction to Computer Organization. Dengaq pun cam, wauuuu. Subjek ni best, sebab lecturer nya pandai kasi contoh yang dapat difahami. And the lecturer itself is sooo funny. Haha. He had worked at HP company at US before. Ha, what more do you expect? Enjoy yaaaa.. in last night class, cekgu said about First In, Last Out. Suddenly teringat pada Financial Accounting yang ada FIFO and LIFO, which are First In First Out and Last in First Out. Sengih2 je lah ngan Hafizah. Ahax

And just this morning class, SAD @ System Analysis and Design. We also have term Accounts Receivable (covered in Accounting class too), eventhou it is only for example figure. Hahaha. Efficiency and effectiveness, words that i know their meaning at MGT class few months ago. Effective is when we achieve our goal and efficient is when we achieve maximum productivity while using minumum wasted expense/resources. In other way, to fully use the resources. I dont know bout the others, but i feel soooo excited if thing like this happened. Discovering the same words in different subjects. In other way, it booost my spirit of learning too!

U know, if we read the book before we enter the class, it helped a lot, especially on reducing the feeling of sleepiness! Eventhou i did not read, just going through to finish the assignment given by the lecturer. Yet, the task is still not completed. Haha. Well, im in new section. Also familiar as new group, that is estabilished because lots of students made petition for this subject. But as this new section opened, sooo many of us dropped the subject. Most of the reason is because the class time, that is from 10 AM until 12.40 AM. Yeah, we cover two period of classes that actually should be covered twice a week. But we combine 'em as one class that have two period! Furthermore, it is in the morning, some student prefer to stay under their blanket on that time. Huhu. No comment. But Seriously, i found today's class is very interesting, and im able to ask one question (yaaa, gimme five!), as i rarely ask the cekgu eventhou actually lots of things spinning in my mind. Ahahaha. Soooo true, Malay student seldom asking questions in class, contrary with foreign student.

as Ummi said, knowledge is a treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere =)
and Allah is the Absolute Knower. Maasya Allah. (Ada dalam buku teks UNGS 2040)
Ummi always reminds me to enjoy learning, and now i can feel the enjoyment! Eventhou it maybe not be fully enjoyed, but the fun of learning is depending on ourselves, right? If you said this subject is boring, so it is ur mind that setting that, not anyone. So be aware of your mind, hohoho,

Banyaklah pulak berceritanya. Aha. Tomorrow is the Convocation Day for some of my friends at Darul Quran JAKIM. Congratulation to them! Paah, Amalina, Nana, Bahiyah, (they are from Taayah), Zaimah, and many more. Forgot their names, but when meeting face to face, we recognize each other. Hahaha. So pity of me, always forgot my friends' name. Im sorry, thats one of my weakness. Even sometimes when im alone, i tried to remember ur name. My apology yaaa.
Haaa, so tomorrow Andah will fetch ateh and i at this campus to go to DQ! Alhamdulillah. Then together with Syera Maimun, and Uda Ecah, we go to DQ, missing DQ and its content! (Ade sape2 ke kat sana? Hik3)

Orait. thats all for now. Happy mode. Be happy so that people around us will be happy too. Ya la, if we dont have ten cents, how could we give 5 cents to others, am i right? (say yes pleaseee)

as closing paragraph, i would like to share words that i took from ummi's blog.
tQ ummi. I leb youuu..

There is so much sadness in the world
there are also unlimited ways
to make a positive difference.

We can gain tremendous benefits from giving.
new friends, a feeling of security,
better health, happiness and sense of pride.
we are at our best when we make a difference
and contribute.

We are a conduit
the more we allow giving to flow through,
the more abundance flows back into our life.
The more you give, the more u receive.

Giving is a beautiful experience.
So, lets start GIVING :')

Have a nice day, take care and live life to the fullest!


Hafiz Regist said...

Pegi Kuala Kubu ye.
Jgn lupa balik IIUM plak.

The 1375 said...

learning is fun(fair)

sumaiyah said...

Hafiz, sudah pulang =)

The 1375, ???


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