Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kalimaat & IKRAM

it is a game! From Baba Ali the famous err, famous speaker and of course da'ie. You dont know him? Can surf in the net and you'll find some. Fun, and interesting topics he always came out. This is his second board game, after Mecca to Medina. Can check bout those here.

And this video may explain more,

the last part made me grinned, and laughed

and one their will-be-launched website, a Muslim Matchmaking site, Half Our Deen , if you are interested to. Me? Not now. But i may be joining them.

"Do you want to know.. what makes love grow.."

Also for your view, the video of IKRAM launching last Sunday. I could not attend it because of that UNGS examination which i "thought" i had given my best answer. Hikhik. May Allah bless the efforts of those people, and what to do? Support IKRAM jom! Allahuakbar!

A big applause to Kak Yong for the upload, nanti mau belajaq juga sama akak. InsyaAllah. Till we meet again in the next post. Ma'assalamah =)

oh almost forgotten, Baba Ali website about his works is UmmahFilms,
Lets check it out!


Nur Atikah Yusof said...

salam..first time dgr nama baba ali ni. terima kasih kerana memperkenal.hehe..

SuMaiYaH said...

salam kembali =)
glad to hear that tikah. smoga dapat manfaat. take care ! :D

theHusnaM said...

anda di tag! >.<

SuMaiYaH said...

apa? haha, katuk sama meon :P
nantilah aku jawab yo

mannasy said...

ikram ni ape ye sbnanye?
pertubuhan ape?

SuMaiYaH said...

berdasarkan website dia,

IKRAM lahir hasil gabungan lima NGO yang selama ini bergerak berdasarkan pengkhususan masing-masing. NGO terbabit, Medical Interest Group Sdn Bhd (MIGSB), Pertubuhan Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM), Pendidikan SRI-SMI Berhad (MUSLEH) dan Persatuan Islam Lepasan Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Australasia (AUSIS). Aqsa Syarif Berhad yang ditubuhkan Februari lalu menjadi NGO kelima yang bernaung di bawah IKRAM.

mau lebih lanjut, silalah kelik di sini mas. hik3


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