Thursday, December 17, 2009

Under Oath..

In The name of Lord, the Creator, Master and Sustainer of the Universe, I, Siti Sumaiyah Yahya as a student of the International Islamic University Malaysia, solemnly pledge that I shall;

1. At all time, uphold the good name, philosophy, vision and mission of the International Islamic University Malaysia and obey the Laws of Malaysia, University's Rules, Regulations and Code of Ethics.

2. Uphold the Constitution of the University;

3. Perform my religious duties that are obligatory upon me, and observe the code of conduct as required by the University's Rules and Regulations, such that shall include the Dress Code and the prohibition of any form of immoral and unethical relationship with the same or the opposite genders inside and outside the campus.

4. Never assist directly or indirectly the spread of beliefs, ideas, isms and ideologies that are contrary to the Vision and Mission of the University;

5. Seek knowledge diligently;

6. Promote the spirit of brotherhood and curb ethnic polarisation, conflict, animosity, hatred and slander among students and in the University community, arising from conflicting political party allegiances, or different religious belief or any other cause of social conclict;

7. Apply the knowledge that I have acquired, and the profession that i am trained for, in accordance with the principles of truth and justice for the sake of universal welfare, peace and harmony among mankind, irrespective of race, colour, religion or country.

Alhamdulillah. Cuma number 6 tu ada yang tak disebut waktu berikrar. Aha. Moga diberkati perjalanan ini. Mohon doa sahabat2 sekalian. Thanks. Zuhairah, selamat menyambut ulang tahun ke 20. Maaf lewat sehari ye. Baca sini pun ok. Till then. Take care! ~~


ash said...

Selamat sambung blaja sumaiyah (first time nama penuh)...^_^
lagi satu, salam maal hijrah...

taqie said...

like that bag :P

SuMaiYaH said...

hehe cik ash, thanks :)
untuk kamu juga..

u like it, i love it.
kehkehkeh ;)

su said...

eheh. beg tuh dah ilang tah gi kemane tah haha~

masturah said...

wah.memang dah lama cari oath ni!

terima kasih.nak print n tampal kat soft board:-P

adik sumai said...

kak su,
sayang gile la beg ni kak :D

kak mas,
oo ni dia yang kak mas komen yek. kui3. same2 kasih hikhik :-P
nanti nk datang bilik lah nk usha softboard. hahaha


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