Sunday, May 3, 2009

after 3 years..

after 3 years i am soo happy to show all of u d puzzle that i completed yesterday.

Read until the end.. ^_^

i bought this thing once upon a time at Ipoh Parade in 2006 if im not mistaken. konon2 nak buat waktu cuti lepas spm la. with Atie Ahmad, one of my kamceng friend. I miss you :) Atie also bought one, for the LPS to complete.

Contained 1000 pieces, but in my case, i lost 3 pieces resulted only 997 pieces of them, heheh.

Im so happy! with some troubles with me now, this is one of my medicine. heheh, relieved to see them!


Nabila H.... said...

sumai, knp mcm de 2keping yg xcukup tu?

SuMaiYaH said...

salam.. bukan 2, 3. ala da 3 thn, setahun hilang sekeping. hihi :P

bende ni simpan bawah katil, hari tu kemas, da hilang 3. kire xcukup 1000 la. tp alhamdulillah sbb dpt completekan! :D


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