Saturday, April 4, 2009

sometimes i think

Sometimes i think, did my blog benefit others?

Did you gain anything from what i wrote?
Coz you know what, i think i have spent plenty of my precious time in cyber world actually, not only with my blog, but with my friendster, facebook, hi5 bla3.
Now, i have deleted my account in Fs and Fb.

Yet, i still love surfing, because reading others' blogs usually will give me something new. Do you know that?

I would like to say thanks to all bloggers for giving good informations, food for my soul, reminders and whatsoever you wrote, that benefit in me.


sometimes i think, i should stop blogging because what i wrote mostly did not benefit others.

i do not know whether they benefit in you or not.


Just wanna ask the readers..

Do you think about your intention before doing something everyday?

Do you think it will benefit others or not?
Do you really enjoy doing it?

bla bla bla

sometimes, i think, before i start watching tv, is my intention to get the blessing from Allah?

when what we watch is a story, drama about sexy women or maybe should be called as non-fully-covered women (tada tutup itu aurat), censored scenes, violence, scene at a disco, pub, or whatsoever we think as immoral;do we think that Allah do not see us?

before we go hang out with friends, makan-makan, lepak-lepak at kedai mamak, do we think we got the bless from Allah? well, it depends on how we do it. there's no wrong to eat with friends, but if it is a gathering of boys and girls and talking bout nothing, do you think Allah will bless us?

somehow i realize, i dont really put Allah upon everything i do, anything i did. do we realize that?
do you know Allah has been watching us all the time, since we were born, until know?

and at this moment, do we realize that Alllah is watching us, reading this blog, while chatting with friends, watching videos at youtube, checking emails, etc ??

You know what, Allah is always with us, watching us, waiting for us to say that we miss Him, we love Him.

i know, it is hard to fight upon our nafsu, i do face it.

but u know what, once we succeed, we will feel happy in the soul, yet the satan will never give up. They will always try to destroy us! the sons of Adam.

the conclusion is, you should think yourself.
because we are already mature to differentiate which is good or bad for us.

the problem is, we dont wanna use the 'aqal Allah has given us with full use, right?

or i'm wrong?
----- ~~~~ ----

Allahumma nawwir quluubanaa bi nuuri hidaayatika kamaa nawwartal ardha bi nuurissyamsika abadan abadaa birohmatika yaa Arhamarroohimeen

Ya Allah, sinarilah hati kami dengan cahaya hidayah-Mu sebagaimana kau sinari dunia ini dengan cahaya matahari-Mu selama-lamanya dengan rahmat-Mu yang Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang

Therefore remember Me, I will remember you. Give thanks to Me, and reject not Me. [2:152]

Al-Fatihah buat Arwah Brother Asmady Zakaria, Head of ICT Department, CFS IIUM. Klik sini

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