Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 Hills : Selambau + Gantang

the first one is located in Kedah while the other is at Perak.

I'm writing not to analyse why Pakatan Rakyat (PR) won yesterday. Because i am not a political analyst. It is just my expression. Yeah, my expression. I beg you to read till the end, not because i am desperate but for you to understand what i'm writing about.

I was at Bukit Gantang on Sunday, 5 April during the campaign and yesterday, on the election day. Again, not to analyse but just to be a viewer. Take a look there with ummi and abi.
During the campaign, it was awesome especially in Air Kuning, Nizar's territory. Also at other places, both parties were really fighting, i mean psychological attack. Many banners of course. I can't capture all of them coz we're on car. But when we passed by at one of the road, looked like BN hard core were jumping maybe because they were on victory that time. That's not my problem. While i was recorded them, one of them shouted to me something that i couldn't really recognize. Seemes like he was angry. Hye, what is my fault?


So the problem here is the mentality of Malaysians.
I am not on behalf of PAS or UMNO. This is my opinion.
I surf in the internet and found lots of blogs, of course they are about the 3-small-elections thats on the air. Most of them use impolite words, too emotional, both were always wanna win. I don't think they won. Why?
Because at last, the Syaiton are still laughing at us, seeing us fighting each other, without any solutions.

This party slandered other parties and vice versa. What is the end? Yes, our chosen candidates won that election. But do you think our attitudes as the hard-core-supporters will change? It is repeating in every election.
So when our chosen one won, we will say this candidates are the best. the one who win. Do you think it's true? do the candidates realize that they are entrusted by Allah and the residents to change the wrongs to rights?

It is not wrong to write, to support but i think the people are doing more than that. Slandering people, it is worse than killing!

yet, both parties are not the perfect one. Maybe we can say UMNO did not implies Islam in their party but do you think that PAS really doing what they said? Their mission, vision? Yeah, it was only for some people who are really committed, not for all the members. I fully hope that Islam would be perfected in our country, as soon as possible. I dunno, am i obeying rude leaders? Sultan? PM? whatever it is, I hope the one who did mistakes would realize theirs because all of us will be questioned in front of Allah in Mahsyar.

And at last, I am still not a 'true' supporter for those parties. I elect for the one who are forever in the true path. How to know? the truth will be unveiled.. And for the meantime, use your heart to scan. Peace! :D

*Muslims are families. So do we*


Kelvin said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my

first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will

keep visiting this blog very often.


SuMaiYaH said...

thanks for visiting, and im so sorry because i seldom use english as my medium. maybe because im little weak in that language. btw, feel free to drop by again. u are most welcomed! :)


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